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i love you, baby

i read in a pregnancy book that my baby can hear me when i talk. so when im alone, i talk to her. i tell her how much i love her and i cant wait to see her. i talk about stuff we're gonna do together, like go to disney. or i tell her how great her daddy is and how excited we are to be a family. sometimes i sing to her. its a good feeling. i am so anxious now to start showing and to be able to hear her heartbeat and to feel her moving around inside me. and i know its a long way off but i cant wait to meet her and hold her in my arms. im sure she will be beautiful. i never thought i could want something like this. but i guess ive changed because now there is nothing i want more. i hope i can give my baby everything she needs. its amazing that i can feel this kind of love and connection from something i can not even see yet. but i feel it. its such an incredible feeling.
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