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Elliot's turning 3 months in a couple of days!!

The pictures taken of Elliot in the hospital when she was 3 days old were absolutely incredible. So after ordering a package of them, my mom and I decided that it was time to get more professional photos taken of her now that she's older and bigger. We agreed that new pictures should be done about every month for her first year of life since babies change so much from month to month. Anyway, long story short, we heard of a good deal on photos at target and so we took her there. I hate to say that i was pretty disappointed with their work. Granted, my daughter is absolutely beautiful and photogenic so the pictures still look great. But as far as professional photos go, it didn't even compare to the quality and professionalism of the first set (the ones from the hospital). In fact, i hate to say it but i do believe i could do better. Now, I'm nowhere near a professional. I'm probably as good or worse than your average camera-user. I also don't have a very good camera... i have a pretty shitty one. And I don't have the other equipment that they have. Still, I decided on a whim to shoot a couple of cute shots of ellie myself just to compare. I didn't expect them to come out as nice as they did. Had I planned a little more, I would have dressed her up all pretty like I did for the target shoot. But as i said, it was on a whim so she's dressed in her jammies. Anyway, I promised everyone some pictures of my beautiful little model to be. So here they are.

First a couple of pictures from the Target set.
licky lick

little model pose

big smile

funny face baby


mommy kisses

beautiful smile


Yes, it's true that those pictures are beautiful. There are more which can be seen in my photobucket which is here:
In fact, all pictures of Elliot are there arranged by month. Now, here are the pictures I took of her myself. I'd like everyone to tell me what they think. I plan to take Elliot to get professional photos done again but not at target. I'm going to try to get the same people who did her photos in the hospital because those were amazing. If you didn't see them, they are the first photos i ever posted of elliot or you can find them in my photobucket in the sept/oct folder. So here we go:

beautiful eyes

little baby angel face

big head


this head is heavy!



model baby!

thumbs up, baby!

hot stuff

oh silly me

chubby cheeks


happy baby

okay, enough with the pictures already!

So, what does everyone think? Keep in mind that my photos are not of such high quality because i have a shit camera. And ignore the outfits... i know she's dressed much prettier in the target photos. Just imagine how good those pictures would be if i had her dressed up nicely and had a better camera. And tell me which set of pictures are nicer. Don't be afraid to hurt my feelings if you think my pictures suck! :o)
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