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Moving day!!! Jaje, Elliot, and I finally have our own place! Who wants to visit us?

Well, the last few days have been very crazy and frustrating and I was just about ready to kill someone but it was all worth it because right now I'm standing in my beautiful master bedroom in my beautiful apartment that is all mine! With my King size bed and my walk-in closet and all this space that I never had before. And Elliot has her own room too which I'm not sure if i'm comfortable with. It's nice to have the space but i don't like having her so far away from me. I wanted a baby monitor but I don't have the money and my mom says it's a waste of money so she won't get it for me. We just spent a good chunk of change on our bedroom set and we still have to get a living room set. The bedroom is beautiful and I love it. But the best part of moving was that I no longer have to see my mother first thing in the morning. I don't have to see my parents at all if I don't want to. Now i have the choice of going over there only if i want to. It's so great, finally, to have our own apartment that is all ours. I just can't believe it. I just started to unpack but it's already very late and i'm so tired from all the packing and moving and craziness of the last couple days. I think I'm just going to relax and enjoy my apartment tonight. My first night in my own place. In a way this is our first apartment together as a family, all three of us. Although Jaje and i had a place together for awhile when i was pregnant. For some reason, that one felt more real because we were doing everything on our own. Now we have my mom taking care of a lot of stuff for us so it doesn't feel like ours as much. Even though my mother bought the place for us so it's almost like ours but it's really hers because she's the owner. Regardless, it's really great to have a place that's just ours. Mine and Jaje's and Elliot's. Our first home as a family. It's wonderful. I mean, Elliot has her own room. Her first official room of her own. That's a big thing for both of us. She's turning one this month and this is just one more way that she's growing up and away from me. I'm happy but i'm also a little bit sad about that. This is just the first step, before I know it she'll be moving out of my home into one of her own, not just a bedroom but her own home. Eeek. I know that's years away. But it goes by faster than you think. Anyway, I have to stop thinking about those things. Back to the good stuff. I'm so happy we got a king size bed instead of a queen like we had before. I'll finally have room on the bed instead of having to make do with the tiny bit of bed that jaje leaves for me. This bed is the shit and it's so comfortable. I am ecstatic. But I have a lot to do tomorrow and in the coming days so I should probably get some rest. Just wanted everyone to know that I have my own apartment now with 2 bedrooms so if anyone wants to come visit (crystal!), you are more than welcome to come anytime! The only thing is we don't yet have a bed in the baby/guest room so we'll have to pick something up. But i'm sure it'll be fine. There's nothing in that room but Elliot's crib right now which i can easily move into my bedroom if someone comes to visit. We can't afford furniture for her yet but hopefully soon we will. Anyway, I'm off to do go enjoy my apartment. Goodnight everyone!
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