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My first college paper!!! Somebody help!!

Today, Elliot picked out a stuffed ducky from a bunch of toys, pointed to it and said "duck." She's also learning to make quacking noises when i ask her what sound a duck makes. That's my girl!

In other news, I have to write a 5 page paper for my interpersonal communication class due Sunday and I still haven't even started it yet. Thanks to my friend hrolf for picking the question i wanted to pick but couldn't because i'm decision-phobic. Thanks also to erinleighralph for picking my second choice. Perhaps my next paper will be on that one! Thanks for helping guys! You rock! :o)

The question I chose is:

1. What rules govern your relationship with your mother? Your father? Your communication teacher? Your roommate? Your spouse?

Now I have 24 hours before it has to be turned in. Elliot just went to sleep so if i was smart, I'd be working on it right now. But i'm not so i'll probably put it off until tomorrow night. hehe. No, i'm going to go at least make an attempt. Goodnight everyone!
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