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My first college paper!!! Somebody help!!

Today, Elliot picked out a stuffed ducky from a bunch of toys, pointed to it and said "duck." She's also learning to make quacking noises when i ask her what sound a duck makes. That's my girl!

In other news, I have to write a 5 page paper for my interpersonal communication class due Sunday and I still haven't even started it yet. Thanks to my friend hrolf for picking the question i wanted to pick but couldn't because i'm decision-phobic. Thanks also to erinleighralph for picking my second choice. Perhaps my next paper will be on that one! Thanks for helping guys! You rock! :o)

The question I chose is:

1. What rules govern your relationship with your mother? Your father? Your communication teacher? Your roommate? Your spouse?

Now I have 24 hours before it has to be turned in. Elliot just went to sleep so if i was smart, I'd be working on it right now. But i'm not so i'll probably put it off until tomorrow night. hehe. No, i'm going to go at least make an attempt. Goodnight everyone!
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I'd go with #3 because there are certainly a lot of references for that type of project and you could incorporate personal experience (if this is what it's asking you to do?) based upon the pedagogical theory.
thanks, that was actually my second choice. but i ended up going with number one because i think it'll be pretty easy for me, it's mostly personal stuff and I can totally b.s. that. hehe. :o)
1. What rules govern your relationship with your mother? Your father? Your communication teacher? Your roommate? Your spouse?

honestly, you can dedicate a page for each, mother, father, teacher, and roommate/spouse and bs your way through that. you have enough to go on with your family. and there are so many books you can read/skim over about family relationships.

5 pages is nothing, I can do that in an hour. it also says you have to use books as a reference, but what book will go into YOUR relationships? not quite sure why that was worded like that but regardless it should still be easy enough to ramble and sound like your not.

good luck.
i used to wait till last min in forensics, made me write it faster and usually sounded better, if that makes any sense.
that's actually exactly what I was thinking about. One page for mother, father, teacher, and husband and then last page would just tie it all together. Pretty much everything you said there was like you were reading my mind! I absolutely agree about waiting till the last minute. I guess some of us work better under pressure. Plus, it's way more fun that way. Usually when I have too much time, I will over-think it and then i end up editing and re-editing over and over again and honestly, the finished product is not always better than the original and sometimes is even worse. So absolutely, I like the way you think! Thank you for responding. :o)
great minds think alike

indeed they do. now i just have to start writing... i've got exactly 24 hours before it's due. hehe. watch me be on here 20 hours from now saying "oh crap, i have to start my paper... oh well, i'll just read some emails (and some lj posts and have a snack and take a bath and watch a movie) first and then i'll worry about it." haha