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The point of this post is to gloat. Please be warned. Ignore this post.

I just got my first Israeli credit card. It's a Visa with a 12,000 shekel limit. That comes out to approximately $3,333.33 (repeating) USD. Considering my insanely large amount of debt in the U.S. it is very exciting for me to have actual money in the bank and an actual credit card. To have my own money that I actually earned. Money I'm working my ass off every night to make. It's nice to open up my bank account online and see money in there and open up my wallet and see money in there too. And I got a raise this month so my next paycheck will be large. My main concern is having to support an overgrown child of a husband. Right now, I could afford to move out and get a cute little one room apartment for Elliot and I. But I cannot afford the payments on a two bedroom plus expenses (including the extra food, drink, and electricity that would be used) by myself. If this third person wants to continue living with us, he's going to have to hold his own (meaning, get a damn job and pay part of the expenses or I'm cutting out.). That is all. I have to do some stuff before work. *Yawn*
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