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Love love love

Jaje and I moved out of our apartment. We are staying at my parents since they are in Israel until the end of April. It's fucking fantastic. No more annoying roommate. No rent. No bills. It rocks!

Plus, Jaje got me a ring so now I have proof that we're engaged. It's not like the expensive ring my mom let us borrow before but it's so much better because he bought it for me and it's mine and i love it. I'm so happy. I love him so much. And i love my baby, Elliot Clay Garibaldi. And I can't wait to be Mrs. Garibaldi. I don't need anything or anyone else as long as I have my incredible husband and my beautiful baby. I love you both so much.
Tags: baby, jaje, love, moving, ring
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Happy for you :)
thank you so much. :o)
What part of FL are you in?
south florida. plantation.
Congrats. You should put a picture online.
will do!
congrats on having the babay and your enegagement sweetie! i haven't been around for a while, so forgive me for not saying this sooner! i'm so glad you're happy and seem to be doing very well!
enjoy every minute

my baby is due sept. 19th. i just found out. i can't wait to have him! i'm so excited! :o)

how are you doing?
Awe, i guess i mis-read your entry... i love the name!!! its definitely a boy?

i'm... alive...

i hope all else is well

well i find out for sure in about a month. However both jaje and I are sure that it's a boy. I just have a feeling and they say that mommies usually know. I really hope i'm right because i want a boy so much.

I'm glad to hear that you're alive. I hope you're doing well. We are doing pretty well. Just life as usual. You know how it is. Let me know how things are with you.

m.e. and thomas
i haven't talked to you in forever! it sounds like yr doing good, i'm so glad. i have no internet at my house, so i have to use the work computer, but i am still alive. how is everything?? are you sober now?? tell me everything!! looovvvvee.
hey babe! you should text me on my cell sometime! i have so much to tell you but i don't want to post it on livejournal. hehe. oh man, things are crazy. plus i wanna know what's going on with you. i miss you! so text me sometime.

love ya,
m.e. and baby thomas