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i love my husband

i'm teaching jaje how to use livejournal. everyone should check out the post he wrote about me:

i have the best man in the whole world!

as a side note, i have a slight suspicion that i might be having twins. there's a very real possibility since my grandmother was a twin and there are also twins on jaje's side. Plus, it would explain why i've gotten so big already. i think it would be really cool. Even though having one baby is probably more than i can handle already, the idea of having twins is really exciting. I guess I will find out tomorrow. I have a doctors appointment in the morning and i will get to hear my baby's (or babies) heartbeat (or heartbeats). I'm very excited. If I have a boy and a girl, they will be thomas moti and elliot clay garibaldi. If i have two boys, i'm not sure what i'll name the second boy except that his middle name is going to be Jack (after Jaje's father). I'll let Jaje pick his first name since I picked Thomas Moti. Anyway, i'm getting way ahead of myself here. I will post an update tomorrow after my doctor's appointment.

Everybody who hasn't already, should add Jaje (theperfecthigh) to their friends list so he can have lots of friends. And leave him happy comments. Then I can maybe get him more into it and get him posting more often. :o)

i love you, mr fluffybottom, my wonderfully amazing, sexy husband!


Malli and Elliot Garibaldi
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