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Sorry guys, i'm now officially off the market (well, on monday i will be muahahaha). ;o)

We went and filled out an application to get married. Now we just have to wait till monday and go back and get married. So we're halfway married already and monday we'll be all the way married!


Then i can change my name on my drivers license and all that fun stuff!!

Who wants to come to our wedding ceremony monday afternoon? :-D
Tags: getting married, jaje, love
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good luck with everything, malli! i would come if i didn't live so far away!
thanks so much. :o)
I'd be happy to come if you want to celebrate. Give me a time and address Monday afternoon and I'll be there. My email is, if you want to email me the info.

Re: congratulations!


April 13 2008, 01:20:06 UTC 10 years ago Edited:  April 13 2008, 01:20:34 UTC

hey! thanks! i just saw your email. i added your phone number to my phone. i'm not exactly sure what time we're going to do it on monday. probably sometime in the afternoon like 2 or 3. You can come to my apartment monday and hang out with us. We're living off sunrise and nob hill. do you know where that is? If you want, i can give you a call monday morning when we wake up and give you directions to my place and stuff. You can also give me a call anytime if you want to talk or anything. i emailed you my number. It's good to hear from you! i hope things are going well! i'd love to see you. :o)

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i think i know!!
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