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Post from Tampa General Hospital

I haven't posted in awhile. So I've been laying on a hospital bed for a couple hours now. With an IV in my arm. And a bunch of other things connected to me, one of which is monitoring my baby's heartbeat. So I've been listening to the heartbeat for a few hours now. Everything seems to be fine with me and baby so far. Just a few minutes away from doing an ultrasound and finally finding out the sex! How exciting! I will have to update again once I find out! Anyway, this isn't a real post cuz i'm not in the mood or position to be typing a whole bunch about what's going on. But ill update more later when i'm done with the hospital. I've been here since about 1am and it's now past 6am so I'm hoping to be out very soon! Just waiting for the people who do the ultrasound to get here. I guess that's my fault for coming in the middle of the night. But it's all good. I'm glad I came! At least they have a telly. And jaje is with me. Plus we brought the laptop which is also good! So yeah, everything is good so far! Hopefully, it'll stay good. hehe. Well, that's all for now. More to come later! Let's hope for a healthy baby! :o)

Update: It's a girl. She's healthy and happy and totally adorable. Weighs about 2.5 pounds. Due sept 19th. Pictures and more of an update coming soon!

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You showed up at 1 am for an ultrasound??? They didn't give you a specific time to go in?

The monitor you have on - are they doing a non-stress test? Do you have to push a button every time you feel the baby move?

Wishing you all the best for a healthy baby. Of either sex, lol.
we went in the middle of the night cuz we're crazy hehe.

what's a non-stress test? i didn't have to push any buttons.

we have a healthy baby girl! :o)


June 28 2008, 00:02:31 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  June 28 2008, 00:07:08 UTC

I was right! A girl! WOOT! Any girl names picked out?

A non-stress test is when you lay in a recliner thing or a bed in a semi-sitting position with a fetal heart monitor belt across your belly. Every time you feel the baby move, you're supposed to push a button, which will make a mark on the tape that's showing the baby's heartbeat. They may not do one for you since you're young and healthy and they see no problems. I was considered high-risk with both of my boys and was in my 30's too, so my doctors ordered them. It all depends on the doctor - some do them routinely, some don't.
I was a little bit disappointed when they told me it was a girl. I almost cried at first. I guess just because i'd been hoping for (and expecting) a boy so much that it was like a shock. But i got over it pretty fast. Just seeing her was enough. The only thing that scares me is when I think about my relationship with my mother (we never, ever got along, not even when i was little). I just hope that she likes me hehe.
I think people who have strained relationships with one of their parents are even more conscious of it and end up having even better relationships with their own children. You are not going to be anything like your mother, Malli - you're going to be close to her and love her all the more. Trust me, lol.
can't wait to hear!!!
it's a girl :o)
:D Congratulations!!! What's her name going to be again? (Now you just get to try again for Thomas:))
Elliot Clay

I don't know if i want another one. We'll see. hehe. :o)
OMG!!!! Leee I am so happy! I know its an adjustment but this is so great. Most of importantly the baby is healthy. Time has been flying so fast. WTF you guys are crazy showing up at 1 am haha. Well I am glad you finally got to see your baby and hear the heartbeat must have felt amazing hey? I love you I miss you. I want a longer update. Take care
yeah, we are pretty crazy. but we were awake so we were like, "why the hell not?" so we went. hehe. i'm really glad we did because it was awesome! :o)

I promise i'll make a longer update soon. if jaje ever lets me use the computer for more than 5 minutes without whining. Even now he's yelling at me to go to sleep. hehe. oh well. goodnight!