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It's like a movie and it never ends.

Anyone who read my last entry already knows that Jaje and I went to the hospital yesterday and had baby and me checked out as well as an ultrasound done. You will also know that the baby's sex was finally revealed to us. If you don't know yet, you are about to find out. It's a girl! We also got pictures from the ultrasound. So, without further delay, here are the first in what I'm sure will be a huge collection of pictures of Elliot Clay Garibaldi (seen below at week 28 of my pregnancy).

Elliot's Face
Look at that beautiful face! We think she's gonna have her daddy's nose and mouth. At least she won't have the jew nose. hehe.

Elliot's Profile
This one is a profile of her head. Look at the size of that thing! I don't know how she's going to fit that huge head through the small exit that's available. She might want to think about planning an alternate route of escape (or shrinking her head). Teehee. I kid. But seriously, ouch! That's gonna hurt coming out!

Elliot's Foot
That's her little itty bitty footsie! Isn't it cute!? Despite the tiny cuteness, this baby can kick pretty damn hard! hehe.

It's a girl!
I honestly have no clue what this is a picture of. If you notice on top it says "girl" and then there is a little arrow pointing to something which Jaje says are her girly bits but I don't know about that. It just doesn't look right. If anyone cares to offer their thoughts/interpretations/opinions/comments/etc. I'd be happy to hear them. I wish I'd thought to ask the doctor or nurse what it was.

Anyway, that's it. Elliot Clay's first pictures. According to all tests and procedures, both her and I are healthy and the pregnancy is moving along well with no complications. The ultrasound shows that she's due to be born around Sept 17th. She currently weighs 2.5 pounds. I will make another (friends-only) post later on. I just wanted to make the pictures available for anyone who cares to see them. So there they are. Now I'm going to go eat my lunch before it gets cold. Jaje made me spaghetti! :o)
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