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Baby Update - 40 weeks and still waiting (one week or less to go)

I went to the maternity ward today to get checked out. Currently, my cervix is pretty much closed, 50% effaced, and baby is at -2 station. This means she's not likely to come out for at least another couple days. So they scheduled me to be induced on Friday, Sept. 26th. That's a week from tomorrow. As frustrating as it is to think I might have to wait a whole week, it's not that bad. At least I know that she will definitely be here by that day if not sooner. So all i can do is wait and hope she comes out on her own. The good news is that she is looking great and healthy, her heartbeat is sounding perfect, and she's as active as she need to be. So I really have nothing to worry about. I got to see her on the ultrasound again which was really great. She's so big now! I hope she hurries her little butt out already! hehe.

For anyone who is interested, I uploaded pictures of the outfit i bought for Elliot yesterday. This is probably going to be her hospital outfit unless i find something i like more in the coming days. But for now, this is the one i picked out for her. I think it's absolutely adorable!

hospital outfit

It's got a onesie:
hospital outfit onesie

hospital outfit pants

and hooded jacket:
hospital outfit jacket

What do you all think? Is it cute enough for baby's going home outfit? I'm going to be shopping more in the next few days so i might find something else that I like more. I picked this out kind of in a hurry because i wanted to have something in case i went into labor before i had a chance to really go shopping. But since i seem to have more time now, i can look more. If i don't find something i like more than this, then i'll just use this one. Tomorrow, my cousin is bringing me his daughter's crib and maybe some other baby stuff. I'm very excited about that cuz I don't have very much baby stuff yet (because of my parents religious crap)! So yayy! Things are really starting to happen! I can't wait! I hope she comes out on her own so i don't have to be induced (and wait)!
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