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New hospital outfit

I got a new outfit today which I think i like more than the original outfit i picked to be "Elliot's hospital outfit" aka "Elliot's first outfit" hehe. Anyway, it's ducky stuff (who is surprised?). It's the most adorable white outfit with matching cap and i also got matching booties and mittens as well as an adorable blankie that also matches. It's the perfect complete outfit to bring her home in. I personally love it. But I'd like to hear everyone's opinions on it. So i've included pictures of the new outfit and then a picture of the other outfit for comparison purposes. I know i just posted the other one yesterday but i want people to see them near each other in the same entry to tell me which one they like better. So everyone leave me a comment and tell me which one you would choose of the two! :o)

ducky outfit

ducky blanket


hospital outfit

Update!!! I'm definitely going with the ducky one! I love it! Thanks guys! I'm glad you all like it too! :o)
Tags: baby, baby fever, duckies, hospital, pictures
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