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Vote for Elliot

I just entered Elliot into a contest. So everyone go vote for her by following this link:

I don't know if it's for real. It might just be a scam. But Elliot would totally deserve to win. I have to take her to an agency or some place when she's a few months older. She takes amazing pictures!

I promise to post some new pictures of her soon. maybe even later tonight. But for right now i just want to update on a couple of things.

Jaje got a job at Papa Johns. He was also working at Steak n shake last week but he quit cuz he hated it and the pay was shit. On monday he is starting school to learn air conditioning repair. He has to go to school from 7am to 1pm monday through friday for a year. Next december, he will graduate with an associates degree in a/c repair and then he can get a real job. I'm very proud of him. Hoping that soon after he graduates, we can have a real wedding. It's better late than never. Maybe i'll even get a real wedding ring. Anyway, now it's my turn to think about school. I'm very excited about Jaje going to school and it makes me want to go too. Plus, I'm so bored with life lately. Every day looks the same. I feel like i'm trapped. I know it's probably too early for me to feel that way. I've not been a wife and mother for very long. But considering my personality, who would be surprised? Anyway, if i don't do something soon... it will overwhelm me. I don't want anything bad to happen so i need to work to prevent that. I have high hopes of a happy future for the three of us. And perhaps we even add another member to our family in another year or two. No, i don't mean getting pregnant again (hell no to that). I'm talking about getting partial or even full custody of Vinny. That would be ideal.

Anyway, this wasn't even supposed to be a real update. But i guess it is. Things are okay. I'm a little bit depressed sometimes. But i'm hopeful. I've been trying to get my milk supply up by taking supplements and i also traded up for a better (more expensive) breast pump. So far it's only been a few days but i already am seeing the difference. No real luck on getting Elliot back to the breast but i'm not going to give up. I knew it would be hard and i'm stubborn.

Speaking of Elliot, she is screaming for my attention right now so i better go. My parents are in Israel now for 5 weeks (they left wed.) so I have nobody to help me. I hope i don't lose it. heh.
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