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jaje is the best!

Jaje bought me a ring for christmas. Even though it's simple, it is still beautiful and it's perfect because it shows me that he does care and that he loves me. It is the most wonderful, thoughtful gift anyone has ever gotten me. Because I wanted a ring so badly. I've told him that so many times and i never thought he was listening. But now i know that he was listening. I couldn't be happier! The only downside is we didn't get to spend much time together since he had to work all christmas. In fact, we haven't been spending much time together lately because of work and school. And with the baby, it's really an issue trying to get some quality couple time. Somehow the baby senses when would be the worst possible moment to act out and thats when she does it. Makes it hard to have good sex but we managed somehow. Well she is screaming so i must go. heres a picture of my new ring. its only temporary till he can afford a nicer ring. maybe next christmas!

my new ring

i love my husband! hes the greatest!
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Now you need to quit biting your nails, lol.
hey chica
its absolutely beautiful :) I am so happy to hear that you're happy... i know things aren't perfect, but we all deserve, even moments, of happiness- right? I sent you some mail from Hawaii, so be on the look out. A package should be sent out this week, or next... it depends on how things go- i've only been back for like, 12 hrs and i already want to kill myself. I hope the baby is well- take care of yourself, please... don't forget about Lee and what Lee NEEDS. Love ya girlie!

hurrah for you husband and do not mind biting your nails, i´ve done it the last forty years..

happy new year.