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They grow up so fast!

Elliot just rolled over for the first time! I had her laying on her tummy on me and i noticed she was trying to get on her back. So i put her on the playmat on her tummy and she rolled over to her back! I got a video of her doing it but i don't know how to get it off the video camera and onto the computer. It doesn't work when i try to connect it. Once i figure it out, i'll post the video! My little baby is growing up! Next step... crawling! eek!!

i think she may be teething. i know its early but she is always chewing stuff like crazy and sometimes she will cry in pain and the only way to stop her is to give her something to chew. she even chews on the nipple of her bottle when i feed her. also she has been spitting up way more lately than she used to. i have to discuss this with her pediatrician. luckily i made her an appointment for tuesday to get her ears pierced! hurray!
Tags: elliot's first ..., teething
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