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"I'm going to start calling you 'Train' because all you do is chew chew."

Elliot is seven months old. She's already standing up. She can't pull herself up yet but if you stand her up and give her something to hold onto, she can remain standing for minutes and could probably stand longer if she didn't keep trying to jump and/or walk. I still remember when all she did was lie around. When she couldn't even hold her head up yet let alone sit up let alone stand. I can't believe how fast she's grown. And if that's not enough, she's already got her first teeth. Two little bitty bottom teeth in the front of her mouth. They aren't completely out yet but we can see them and we can definitely feel them. Poor baby is always drooling like crazy and chewing on everything. But now when she chews on my finger, i have to keep away from the front of her mouth cuz those two little teeth are sharp. I can't wait till they are all the way out and then her top two will come out. She's going to look so different. I find myself looking at her early pictures... the way she looked when i first saw her after they took her out of me (i'm so glad they let jaje take pictures of her and I the first time we met), the way she looked that last day in the hospital (in those professional photos, i'm so happy we were able to get those taken even though they were expensive beyond belief, it was so worth it), and the way she looked those first days home. It's crazy how different she looked then. She was so small and bald. It's funny how I thought she was so beautiful but now I think she's infinitely more beautiful than she used to be. I read my journal entries and it reminded me of how I felt. I was so scared, so confused, so worried that I wouldn't be able to do it. I honestly never thought I'd make it this far. I can't believe i did. That's not to say it's easy but it's so different now. She's more like a person every day and less like a tiny blob that does nothing but eat, shit, and sleep. More and more, she's active and she does new, exciting things all the time. Every time she struggles to learn something new, I am just filled with love for her and amazement at how fast she learns and how hard she tries. She is just so amazing and she never stops. You never know what she'll do next. Her laughter is the most amazing sound i have ever heard in my life and it's contagious, I can't help but laugh back at her. I can't believe that she will soon be walking and talking. Soon her hair will grow longer and curlier (i'm certain it will be curly, i can already see it starting to curl) and she'll look more like a girl. We got her ears pierced so that helps. At her last check-up, in April, she weighed 16lbs10oz and was 25 inches long. That's more than double her birth weight of 7lbs11oz but not much in the way of length (she was 19.5 inches at birth). Looks like she's going to be short and chubby like her mommy. Hopefully she'll get a bit of height from her daddy though. According to a height predictor i found online, she should be about 5'5" as an adult so a couple inches taller than me. That's just perfect and I hope they are right! Jaje is 6ft and i'm 5ft or 5'1. Supposedly, you take the height of the mother and the father, add them together and divide by two. Then you subtract 2 inches for a girl or add 2 inches for a boy. So that would make her 5'4" actually. Which is good too. I think last time i did the math, i thought i was 5'2" and i still want to believe that but I keep measuring in at 5 even and that pisses me off. I'm not that short, dammit! But I am. I just hope Elliot doesn't turn out to be. I don't think they measured her right last time though. They usually stretch her out and they didn't really this time. Plus it doesn't make sense that in 2 months (from her 4 month to her 6 month checkup) she would not grow in height even though she gained 3lbs in that time. She was 24 3/4" at her 4 month checkup and 25" at the 6 month. No way. But anyway, I'm going on and on about something that really isn't important. I'm sorry. I will end this with some pictures. Of Elliot, of course. Who else? :o)

My beautiful little angel learning to stand on her own two feet!

Ducky bathrobe = total cuteness

My happy little stander-upper

Still standing

dirty little girl in ducky bathtub

what the hell?!

pretty in a little red dress

the elliot stare

reading goodnight moon

looking at dadda

I say a little prayer for you

I kind of regret not waiting to send the picture in for the babytalk cover contest. The first picture in this post is so beautiful that I probably would have sent that one instead of the one i did send. But it's too late now. Elliot's picture is still not up on the site but I tried to send another picture and was told that only one picture could be entered and they already received mine. So I know they got it. Hopefully, it will be up there soon. I can't wait! Now i'm off to bed. Goodnight lj land.
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