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Elliot videos for your watching pleasure.

I promised some videos of Elliot so here they are. I know it's a few days later than i said but life has been crazy. Sometimes, things happen that just destroy what little faith i had in humanity. It makes me worry for Elliot and also guilty for bringing her into such a miserable world. But this is not the time for that. I'm just here to post videos of Elliot. Enjoy!

That's my little sexy baby. Eating her cereal. with oil in her hair. Isn't she gorgeous?

Yummy banana

Elliot loves to dance. She'll dance to anything.

This is Elliot's first movie. She's the director, the camera girl, and the star. I'm an extra. Good times.

More videos of Elliot can be found on my youtube page at the following link:

Everyone go there and rate my videos and leave comments so i can feel important. ;o)

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