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I saw this advertisement on television, about a year ago, for "your baby can read" and it sounded amazing. They list the price as $14.95 for a "trial" of 30 days. I had looked over the site and didn't find any problem with it so I decided I'd order it when Elliot was a bit older. Well, I saw the advertisement again today and I thought it sounded to good to be true. I went to the website to read more about it and with every intention of ordering. I thought that whatever the cost, this product sounded awesome. I read the entire website and there was no indication of the real price anywhere. Until I went to hit the button to order and that's when they hit me with a $200 price tag. I couldn't believe it! But it makes sense why they didn't want the price out in the open. That is so ridiculous. I was so excited about buying this thing for Elliot and now I'm so fucking disappointed, I wish there was something I could do about it. I know it's stupid to get so worked up over something so silly. I know there is nothing I can do and I know that most things advertised on television are actually scams. But when it comes to my baby, something clicks in my head. It just makes me so angry that something I have wanted for so long turns out to be a complete scam. If it was a legitimate company, they would have no reason to be so sneaky and hide the real price. Just 3 "easy" payments of $66.65. That might be "easy" for some people but it's not for me. I can't afford to spend that kind of money on something like that. But even if I did have that money, I wouldn't buy from a company that was so sneaky and dishonest. I wish I was someone of influence so I could tell everyone I know, "Do NOT order from" and make them lose business. But I'm just a sad, pathetic mother of one whose opinion really isn't worth the time it takes to read it. Oh well. I"ll get over it. I'll find my daughter some other "learn to read" product.

In other news, I can't find the USB cord that goes with my Sony Handycam and I've got nearly 2000 pictures of Elliot from the last 2 months that I'm dying to share. Not to mention an hours worth of cute video clips. I wanted to share her birthday pictures and videos of her eating her first birthday cakes (yeah she had two birthday parties so two cakes... well, actually there were three cakes because at the second party, there were two but only one was for her so yeah, two. I'll explain more later). Right now, I have 50 dollars to spend on and i'm torn between buying stuff for Elliot and getting at least one thing for myself. I picked out a book I want for like 7 bucks which should be alright because it still leaves Elliot with 43 dollars but of course, I'll find something I like for her that costs like 45 or something and then I'll have to give up my book. I always do that, I never get anything for myself. Even on my birthday, my brother told me to pick out stuff on Amazon and he'd pay and I had picked out a bunch of stuff I wanted and then I started looking at baby stuff and one by one, I replaced all my stuff with Elliot stuff (oh I'll put this book back in exchange for this toy... oh i'll put this thing back in exchange for this thing). I ended up getting not a thing for me. I don't even remember the last time I bought something for myself. But to be honest, it makes me happy to see her playing with a new toy or just looking beautiful in a new outfit so it's totally worth it.

In semi-related news, I think I'm losing my mind. Being a single mother is hard. I feel for all you single mothers, I really do. But I'm not sure what's worse. Not having a husband/father. Or having one who lays there all day long doing nothing. Jaje hurt his back so he's been out of work for awhile now and he doesn't do anything but eat, sleep, and watch tv (and he does all this from the comfort of his side of the bed). Meanwhile, I get no sleep, no breaks, and don't even have time to do my homework. I've even considered maybe I should just give up on school for now. But I don't think I would ever forgive myself or him if I did that. I don't know. I'm losing my mind. Case in point: this morning I didn't get to sleep till 7am, woke up at 10am, spilled milk all over the floor while pouring some for Elliot then knocked over the milk while cleaning up previously spilled milk and spilled even more milk. From there, it's just a blur of bumping, spilling, dropping, hurting, screaming, crying, and I don't know how this happened but my pants are on inside out. And it's only 3pm. Who knows what else is in store for me on this miserable inside out and backwards day of disasters. I don't know how much more of this I can take. I'm quite honestly and very seriously considering the possibility that I'm cracking up.

p.s. my paid account expired. who wants to be my best friend in the whole world and renew my paid account for me? :o)
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