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Livejournal?!?! What?!

Are there any real people using livejournal anymore or just trolls and spammers? Has everyone moved on to bigger and better things (such as facebook.. the rage of the world). I miss my livejournal and the many many years of comfort and such that it gave me during the worst and best times of my life. Why do the things we enjoy most always die or go away? I'm still here. Are you?
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I'm still here, reading and lurking. I find this way more intimate than facebook. Blech.
I got an email that my paid account for livejournal had expired and I initially signed on to pay for it again and then I realized I'd been paying for this thing that I wasn't even using for way too long. So I didn't pay for it. Then I felt sad for letting my journal die. I miss it.

How sad that in between where I type and the "post comment" button, it has a button to post on facebook. Curse you facebook!
I HATE facebook. I don't really use it. I love elle jay though and I still definitely read. If you don't get a paid account you should still post entries if not for anyone else but yourself so that one day when you want to you can look back.
I've had this livejournal since i was 18... that's almost 9 years of absolute madness. Sometimes I think i've outlived myself. I'm not sure I have anything left in me.

I signed up for facebook when I was working for a company a few years ago and all my coworkers were on facebook and had a facebook group for our company and convinced me to sign up so i can join it. So I did but didn't really get into it until all of a sudden people from my past that I never liked in the first place and people I don't even know who know people that I know started friend requesting me. Then family. And now it's like, I'm so sick of all these people I don't like, never liked, and will never like.

I also miss not having to limit myself to 420 characters when I'm trying to express myself. Stupid facebook.
I'm still here every day but I haven't really posted much in a few months. A few people on my f-list that were obsessed with Facebook are starting to come back to LJ and I couldn't be happier. I would love to see you posting again here, Malli. I'm kind of getting sick of FB too, nothing but drama.
Facebook is a joke. Try to condense what you're feeling into 420 characters. Not that it matters because you can't say what you really want to say when everyone from your past and every single member of your family and relatives you didn't even know you had (not to mention in-laws) are all your "friends" and you have to censor yourself and/or block them from reading your posts. I remember a time when livejournal was the thing. Now it just kind of feels dead. I want to sit down with my journal and just do a huge stream-of-consciousness type post. Like just spill out whatever is in there (if there's anything left in there). I'm tired of facebook too. Everybody is so fake. And they don't so much appreciate my honesty. Don't even get me started on those stupid game requests and bullshit that people are constantly sending me (not so much anymore since i started blocking all invites i got). It makes me want to scream: "I don't care about your farm or your mafia or whatever cult you're in. It's not real. Leave me alone!" haha.
Ugh, I'm so sick of Farmville and Mafia Wars and the fish things. Now it's 'ZOMFG SOMEONE ANSWERED A QUESTION ABOUT YOU!'. I block all those apps, every single one of them. I think my block list is up to about 180 right now, lol. And all the asshats that post 20 videos a day of stupid songs that I hated back in 1983 when they first came out; why the hell would I watch the video now if I hated the song back then? And thanks to FB, I now know that all my little cousins that I haven't seen since they were two have all grown up to be raging slut-bags.

FB has caused so many problems it's not funny. One of my best friends, someone I've known for 23 years, isn't talking to me now because of FB. Well, actually it's because of his whiny, complaining girlfriend, but whatever. I heard on the news a couple weeks ago that FB is at the root of 1 in 5 divorces these days. I believe it, too. I know so many people who are hooking up with old gf's/bf's and cheating on their spouses. It's disgusting.

The only way to get out your thoughts safely is through an f-locked LJ, where you can say whatever you want, in as many words as you want.
I can't believe people would stop being friends let alone get divorced over facebook?! Are you fucking kidding me?! What has become of the world today. Oh man, I am so glad I got out of facebook. I'm facebook free for two days! It's awesome. I've been working on a huge return to livejournal post for the last two days. If I actually had more than 5 minutes of personal computer time, I'd be able to actually write it. But after spending 9 hours on the computer working, it's kind of hard to find the desire to get back on a computer. hehe. I do it anyway but not for long periods of time. Anyway, I spent enough time on the computer for now (I just came on to respond to your comment). Now I have to go lay down because work starts in less than 3 hours. :o)

I love livejournal. Facebook can go to hell!
i'm still here and always will be
That is the best icon i have ever seen in the history of all humanity. I want to steal it. because that is exactly how i feel all the time.
feel free to jack it.
I am on both but wish more people stayed here.
me too. I'm tired of facebook. Let's boycott it and move back to livejournal. As soon as I wake up, I'm going to kick it off by posting a really long journal entry to start things off the right way. Fuck you facebook and your 420 character limit and your notes that nobody reads because they are too lazy to read anything longer than 420 characters. You can go to hell. I'm going for 4,200 characters tonight! Woohoo! ;o)
it's going to take a few days but I will not stop until I have at least 4,200 characters. (I could do it in under an hour if I actually had that much time to sit and type without being interrupted every 5 seconds).

btw, dude, i totally missed all my beloved lj icons! hehe.