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The egg, when was it new? The egg, there's nothing to do. The egg, no corners for you.

Is it possible to miss something that you didn't really like that much in the first place? I mean something you wouldn't miss if you didn't have it but could get it. Something you only miss because you can't get it. And even if I lived 100 years without touching it, just knowing that I can go to the store for some whenever I choose is comfort enough regardless of the fact that I don't actually want or even really like it (and even some things I don't like at all). Isn't that ridiculous? On a related note, I stopped liking pop tarts because they reminded me too much of rehab where it was my staple food (the brown sugar one.. so much yum). Fuck this country.

A lot of the things they don't have are things I wouldn't even notice if they actually did have them here. But I resent the pathetic excuse for a Comedy Central with a weekly 'Daily Show' and 'Colbert Report' and the absolute lack of some of my favorite adult swim shows (family guy, anyone?). I don't care much for telly anyway and I don't have much time for it anyway. The once a week dose of jon stewart, stephen colbert, and conan o'brien are satisfactory (and often I don't get to watch them weekly, sometimes I have to watch 3 weeks worth in one day, time is lacking or in great abundance for a singular moment).

I'm writing this silly post to avoid work. Working from home is great. I have more serious things to discuss but I won't mix serious with nonsense. And I won't do it while I'm supposed to be working. No seriousness allowed at work. Not in my office (which is actually just a tiny corner in the living room between the couch, the wall, and my fathers computer desk (very cramped but I still manage to fit a small table and balance a desktop and two laptops on the table and couch. I'm thrifty with my limited space. My office at work is huge with two giant desks, a desktop and a laptop that are not mine and which I have no administrative abilities for (nor does anyone seem to know the password for me to update java which is one thing it requested I do every hour of every day). Also, I couldn't download aim. Or anything I wanted. Plus they spelled my name wrong. And I couldn't change my password for some reason. And the password was a random mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters which didn't spell anything. i don't care, i like my home office even if it is small and I need to use 3 computers because the desktop sucks, the laptop is older than your grandma (in laptop years), my slightly newer laptop screen hasn't been fixed yet and my newest laptop (that I'm currently typing on) has Windows 7 which is not compatible with our VPN and I can't get into the backoffice from this computer. So I have to use the two ancient beasts for now. And I use this one for Skype calls because with the old men, skype doesn't function properly and thus phone calls come equipped with delay, echo, random noises and the occasional unwanted termination of the call (i.e. dropped calls). This is a place of business, dammit! Anyway, I'm going to stop talking nonsense so I can finish work and then go to sleep and then maybe post all the things I really want to talk about that I'm hiding behind this nonsense to avoid.

hahah just kidding, i'm like for real a real person with real feelings just like you and i have no hidden demons. cuz this post is public. For my nonsense. Don't worry non-friends, I don't ever post friends-only and if I do, it's more nonsense like this. Nobody reads this anyway. Not even me. I have to go take a break from work... which is kind of what I'm doing now. But not really. Somehow. I don't know.

Btw, is the "detect music" button on semagic the most awesome thing ever? It's cool because I always have music on but when I'm writing (something serious), I usually don't notice what noise is in the background even if it's awesome music. So it's cool to be reminded that there is in fact background noise and that it's not just noise but entertainment. Right now, being on 3 computers and this one being devoted entirely to skype, my music is coming from the speakers of old man lappy (alias ducky senior) so I can't hit detect music. when will they detect music from just the air. Sheesh. I want them to like detect every noise. So if i'm sitting here listening to some crazy person cursing in spanish, it'll detect it and say "Some crazy man cursing in Spanish" and you'll know it's not a lie because the "detect" button never lies.

Oh! Pictures of Elliot from Purim are going to eventually come and I know it's been like a month since then but I'm working on it. So much to do, so little time. This is more a reminder to myself than a promise to any of you. Fuck you guys. ;o)


*insert fart joke here*

I'm not crazy and neither are the voices in my head. And neither are my other personalities. And neither are we. But you are. It's the crazies who think they are sane. That's how I know I'm sane. See?
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